CAMINOCREATIVO (Creative Path) is a body of artistic practices, inside ritual ludical frames, for transcendental experiences. It is born out of the merging of Art and Shamanism through a Trickster vision. It allows us to transform and heal getting in touch with our creative self in a deep and powerful way.


The basic principle in which CAMINOCREATIVO is rooted is that our lost capacity to be in tune with the universe and become empowered creators of our reality, can be trained and exhalted through art, playfulness and creativity when they have a healing purpose.

In esence, CAMINOCREATIVO is a possibilitty to surf the waters of existence in a more powerful and concious way.


In order to provide an experience that can be taken into life in a concrete way, the teachings of CAMINOCREATIVO have been organized into different levels, which altogether conform the Unlearning School for Intuitive Creation. There are also extra workshops outside of this structure, that can be taken separately. Completing all the levels of this structure allows the student to become a facilitator of CAMINOCREATIVO.


“An essential part of myself could come to the surface showing me a big part of my potential. Instead of facing fear, Nicolas created a safe space for facing love, always in the present moment. “
David, 34. Austria