Camino creativo

Art is Life – Life is Art

A body of transpersonal artistic practices, inside shamanic frames, for transcendental collective experiences, healing, education and self growth.

This body is breathing, alive and in movement. It contains emotions, instincts, intuition, ancestral memory... and it express itself through playfulness, creativity, curiosity... and also through silence, observation, non-action. It is a suitcase full of bridges, frames, a concrete and practical guide for re-uniting ourselves with a higher universal consciousness.

The basic principle in which CAMINO CREATIVO is rooted is that our lost capacity, to be in tune with the universe and become empowered creators of our reality, can be recovered, trained and exalted through art, playfulness and creativity when they have a transpersonal/shamanic healing purpose.

The goal of CAMINO CREATIVO is to contribute individually to the creation and reinforcement of our personal path in existence, and collectively to awareness, healing, memory, joy, playfulness, transformation...

In one word, Evolution.