Thank you to my students and partners

What is the specific outcome of Camino Creativo sessions in people training?

Most people after the experience express feeling empowered, getting in touch with hidden or asleep emotions and understanding them in a new way, feeling joy, love, openness, awareness of their shadows and unconscious patterns, and themselves and the others in a new, fresh and deep creative and empathic way.

There have been various experiences of diverse trauma healing from the past, and one of the most powerful outcomes of the process is the impact it has in bringing us straight into Presence.


CAMINO CREATIVO raises awareness on the fact that we are the main creators of our own reality and that we can decide what kind of life we want to live through our emotions, thoughts and actions.


Feedback from my participants:

“NICOLAS CAMBAS, SHAMANIC CLOWN EXTRAORDINAIRE! What can I say.. I have participate in few of Nicolas presentation, his humour is deep and emotional, in his seminars people experience a variety of emotions, from laughter to tears. Amazing deep emotional work facilitates by one of the most creative, funny, emotional human being I have ever met!”

JURE BIECHONSKI MsC counselling psychology

” Through Nicolas work, an essential part of myself could come to the surface showing me a big part of my potential. Instead of facing fear, Nicolas created a safe space for facing love, always in the present moment. The awakened parts are deep. To integrate them with his instructed games is absolutely funny. Through his work, my horizon could extend. My view of life gets more possibilities…”

David, 34. Austria

” Taking your classes was one of the most profound experiences ever. Rarely am I given the opportunity to face the present moment with such radical focus. It was so powerful and very hard to describe because it’s such a shift from my normal life. I love the experiential-based style of the classes; it helps make it possible to bring into my day-to-day life. Thank you. I can’t wait until we can work together again!”

Jordan. USA

” Nico’s class allowed me to lose my serious grip on reality and remember that the world can always be full of play – it is when the next moment is unknown that the space for creativity can blossom.”

Anna, Germany

“ It´s becoming human again through forgetting social constructs”

Gildas, 30, France

“ I participated last year and am still deeply impressed by the authenticity of Nicolas Cambas. With lightness and joy, he has guided us through these days to go incredibly deep into the essence of things, to perceive and confront shadows and other things, to unhide deeply hidden things and to look at them in daylight and from a different perspective and to accept it and yourself as you are. All in a network of dance, games, laughter and rituals. But above all, he creates a completely safe space, which he masterfully opens and keeps safe in all modesty, clarity and truthfulness. He never loses his thread and masters the balance to convey old and true knowledge while at the same time responding flexibly to each participant and the situations. The feeling of connectedness, joy, security and further development and much of it in your luggage and to continue working on it and celebrate yourself and your life.

Birgit, Austria