A body of transpersonal artistic practices, inside shamanic frames, for transcendental collective experiences, healing, education and growth INTO A NEW PARADIGM

This CREATIVE  body is breathing, alive and in movement.

It contains emotions, instincts, intuition, ancestral memory... and it expresses  itself through playfulness, creativity, curiosity... and also through silence, observation, non-action.

CAMINOCREATIVO is a suitcase full of bridges, frames, a concrete and practical guide for re-uniting ourselves with a higher universal consciousness.


In order to provide an experience that can be taken into life in a concrete way, the teachings of CAMINO CREATIVO have been organised in different levels, which all together conform The Camino Creativo Training Program


The structure consists on 5 steps or levels

  • 1st  level Awakening your creative self. Transpersonal Creativity in life
  • 2nd  level Unveil the trickster Transpersonal Shadow process
  • 3rd level The life of Rituals. Shamanism and Rituality in life.
  • 4th level The creator initiation into your personal Creative Path
  • 5th level The Journey Field trip in South America


The background of the teachings lay down on 3 main branches:

  • The creative-experiential aspect, through playfulness and art with a transpersonal focus
  • The shamanic healing aspect that gives the purpose and the ritual frames
  • And the scientific background which is related to biological evolutionary theory, especially through Neotenia studies, morphogenetic fields and quantum physics; that sustain with raw evidence the transformational and healing effects of these practices


The methodology is not dogmatic or religious. Its is inspired by human ancestral knowledge, and reinterpreted in a creative experimental way that speaks the language of this present. Shamanism and transpersonal psychology structure the therapeutic frame around the creative transformative experience of the classes.

The program has been designed by Nicolas Cambas as a result of his empirical and academic life research into these disciplines.


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THIS METHODOLOGY IS born out of the merging of Art and Shamanism through a Trickster vision (meaning the playful, transformative and creative archetypical aspects of ourselves). It allows us to transform and heal, expanding our neotenic features by getting in touch with our creative self in a deep and powerful way.


The basic principle in which CAMINOCREATIVO is rooted is that our lost capacity, to be in tune with the universe and become empowered creators of our reality, can be recovered, trained and exalted through art, playfulness and creativity when they have a transpersonal/shamanic healing purpose.


The goal of CAMINO CREATIVO is to contribute individually to the creation and reinforcement of our personal path in existence, and collectively to awareness, healing, memory, joy, playfulness, transformation...


In one word, Evolution.