In order to provide an experience that can be taken into life in a concrete way, the teachings of CAMINO CREATIVO have been organised in different levels, which all together conform The Camino Creativo Training Program

The background of the teachings lay down on 3 main branches:

  • The creative-experiential aspect, through playfulness and art with a transpersonal focus
  • The shamanic healing aspect that gives the purpose and the ritual frames
  • And the scientific background which is related to biological evolutionary theory, especially through Neotenia studies, and quantum physics; that sustains with raw evidence the effect of these practices

The program has been designed by Nicolas Cambas as a result of his empirical and academic life research into these disciplines. Here you will find his biography…

The structure is a series of 5 steps that go from the recognition and understanding of the self creative capacity (level 1) , to the healing realms of shadow (level 2), into a practical comprehension of purpose of existence and universal language (level 3), the process of applying all these previous experiences to unveil your personal mythology into a concrete creation (level 4) and the conclusion of the process with an initiatory journey as the passage rite into your own personal creative path (level 5).

Each level is a workshop of 3 or more days. The content is 70% practical and 30% theoretical. The last level is a 2 week journey to Ecuador.

You can take as many levels as you want, but only from the beginning (you can only participate in level 2 if you did 1st level before and so on)


  • 1st and 2nd chakra awakening
  • The playful body/ Shamanic playfulness
  • The transpersonal creative process
  • Intuition, emotions, love, empathy
  • Feminine and masculine creative forces, relationships
  • Foolishness, losing personal importance
  • Introduction to Neotenia

This Level works as a bridge from the creative land of art into the deep territories of shamanism.

We understand our creative part as the divine manifested in ourselves and this amazing gift we have can be experimented and expressed fully through playfulness. Playfulness can be seen as the creative intelligence in action.

As contemporary non tribal beings, we need frames that are concrete and practical, and can allow us to merge into the shamanic experience without effort or previous knowledge.

Games are creative frames that allow playfulness to appear. By adding a Purpose to a game it becomes a creative transpersonal ritual that can help us to heal, to free emotional blockages, to transform patterns and to find new and more authentic purposes for life.

  • 3rd, 4th and 5th chakra
  • Trickster Archetype
  • Shadow:. Personal and transpersonal
  • Creativity through shadow
  • Shamanic integration of shadow and light


The purpose of this level is to bring shadow into light, and let it become an integrated and functional aspect of ourselves, increasing our awareness, personal power and creativity. The Shadow work is powerful and so necessary! And only by facing shadow and recognizing it , is that we empower ourselves fully. But we are afraid of it.! Of course! We are so afraid of stepping into our full potential. The trickster in ourselves is tricking us to avoid being transformed into the light. In this workshop we are going to trick the trickster, and become tricksters of reality, learning how to hack the patterns that keep us stuck in our process, and turn shadow into a force that works for us and not against us.

  • Practical and philosophical aspects of Rituality
  • Creative/sexual energy
  • Symbolic language and storytelling
  • Sacred space, 5 elements, 7 directions
  • Purpose
  • Introduction to Andean Shamanism and “Despacho Ritual”

If you see your life as a creation and you want to fulfill your dreams and goals, you need to have frames to be allied with the Universe. Rituals are the way to speak with the universe. Everything that surrounds us is alive, is vibrating, and ritualism is a way to affect this vibration.

What is up and down? East and west? How do you communicate with other vibrations? What is a purpose? How can you establish a purpose and launch it into the universe? How can you get in tune with the inner voice, beyond your emotional and intellectual patterns?

In this workshop we are going to:

    • stop ordinary time and reconnect with the essence of the extraordinary
    • get in touch with our inner child and our authentic desires
    • discover/clarify our role in existence
    • discover/clarify purpose and launch it into the universe
    • receive an initiation to become part of the universe in a conscious way,

The ritual aspects will be managed through the Andean Codes, a practical philosophy that comes from the peruvian Qeros tribe, plus elements of psychomagic (art in a ritual way). It is not a religion, neither a dogma. These are tools for a more empowered and creative life.

  • Guided personal and collective creative process

In this level the group and each participant will be guided into the creation of a personal ritual using all the tools introduced in the previous levels.

This level represents the 5th element. We will meet in the land of shamans, and share with unique teachers in outstanding scenarios. It will be no touristic trip, but a real journey into ourselves. This experience and all the previous preparation will open the doors in a broad level to anyone interested in continuing their shamanic learning process, giving them a real and powerful base of comprehension and practice to integrate these experiences and design personal paths inside and outside of them. The journey content remains secret until the previous levels are achieved.

To complete all 5 levels depends on your own pace and commitment to your own development.

Why this course?

We, actual humans, are sons and daughters of a paradigm revolution existing in the space between two worlds: one ending, another one about to be born. We’ve lost track of where we come from, and don’t have any clear idea of where we are going to. Emerging from this existence of contrasts the instinctive need to exist in harmony with the Universe that surrounds us is yelling from inside out louder and LOUDER!


So, how can we tune back again into the flow of the universal creation that surrounds us?

As you may have already noticed, quantum physics has shaken the hand of the ancestral traditions and their Myths of creation, confirming experimentally what has been an open secret since the dawn of the era:

The observer is involved in the creation of the observed reality.


What could be more powerful that this affirmation?

It seems that we are not just “victims of the outside circumstances”. We are always the creators of our thoughts, emotions and actions and this has a huge impact in the creation of our experience; and thus we have a high creative capacity to shift the world in front of us. We are spiritual existences living a human experience. Our divine, creative transpersonal nature gives us the possibility to transform the reality in front of us, the capacity of shifting this collective story and our personal lives into a more harmonic existence, but we forgot how to use it! We need to remember that if we decide so, our life can become a CREATIVE PATH. Mixed in between infinite roads, going on in a creative playground: Mother Earth. And by extension, the whole Universe.


Who can attend in this program?

This program is meant for any person willing to evolve, expand their limitations, heal and obtain new tools for self growth and expansion of awareness, ability to bond and creativity in their lives

However, it is reccomended that assistants are at least 18 years old.


What you will obtain through this program?

Through this program you will obtain transformation in a large scale in any area of your life that you decide to rediscover in a creative way. You will become empowered and more intuitive, empathic, playful and creative. You will be initiated into a different logic, that will allow you as an individual and as a social being, to create a different reality in a more active, empathic and conscious way for you and your path, your patients, your family and friends, your community and the world.


What skills, tools and techniques will i learn?

Through the CAMINOCREATIVO TRAINING PROGRAM you will learn to:

  • Recognise in an experiential way the artist and the healer inside of yourself.
  • Play in transformative ways that will allow you to transform social and individual patterns, judgements and body and psychological diseases such as self importance, ego, drama, masks, stiffness, shyness, closure, individuality, fear, sadness, loss of meaning, depression, etc.
  • Root yourself in the physical body to strengthen your connection with the here and now and with the transpersonal dimension.
  • Bring release and flow into your emotional body.
  • Challenge the logic of your rational mind in creative, transformative and constructive ways.
  • Open up neotenical processes in yourself and the community surrounding you.
  • Use shamanic technologies such as purpose, energetic fields for creation and healing, symbolic language and rituality in a non dogmatic universal way.
  • Experience and apply techniques coming from art, theatre, clowning, dance and movement delivered with a transpersonal approach.
  • Create frames to land your own creative insights into concrete exercises that you can share with people.
  • Relate to existence in a more powerful and fulfilling way by clarifying your purpose in life and start walking in your personal creative path.


Do we receive a script of the training?

Yes! Some months in advance for each level you will receive links and titles of bibliographic material that will sustain theoretically the lessons of each level.


What is Neotenia?

Neotenia in a biological level, is the retention of infant features in the adult of a species. This happens for many reasons in different moment in different species and the phenomenon is complex. Let’s just say that in intelligent species like ours, it means among other things (physical features), the continuation of infantile characteristics like curiosity, playfulness and creativity into the adult. Also cooperativism instead of competition. This phenomenon, which alters in a positive evolutionary way the course of a species, can be caused or stopped by external factors. In humans playfulness, art, dancing, creativity, stimulate neotenic development. Also economic crisis, conflicts, danger and defensiveness brings it down and stops it.

There’s a lot more to say about Neotenia, but the main idea here is that CAMINOCREATIVO stimulates this evolutionary potential inside all of us, not only for ourselves but for all the species.

More info on Neotenia:


What is the trickster archetype?

Shadow, Creator, and Fool

One of the main sources of power and inspiration for CAMINO CREATIVO is the TRICKSTER archetype.

Since remote times, humans expressed their knowledge through archetypes. The trickster character appears in the narratives of many native people throughout the world. This figure represents the power of the psyche to subvert established programs. It’s a Shadow, a Creator and a Fool at the same time, basically breaking the structures and reshaping them creatively.Tricksters establish the counterpoint reminding us that whenever we get into crystallised forms, laws and patterns, we somehow die to our creative power and the essence of Here and Now.

Trickster teaches us that everything is a sacred game and that we can PLAY with reality instead of suffering it. In the tribal life it is incarnated by the sacred clown or fool, having a very important role in the community. That’s why in CAMINOCREATIVO the Clown is one of the main vehicles for the process of unlearning. You are not expected to become a clown, neither to recognise yourself as someone playful or expressive in advance. The whole process will guide you to recognise this archetype inside of you and learn how to use it to transform your life experience into a richer, more conscious and enjoyable creation.