The Trickster


Shadow, Creator, and Fool.

One of the main sources of power and inspiration for the sessions of CAMINO CREATIVO is the TRICKSTER archetype.

Tribal and shamanic cultures in America, like the rest of humanity, expressed their knowledge through different archetypes. The trickster character appears in the narratives of many Native people throughout North America as well as in the rest of the world. Tricksters PLAY with reality. In the tribal life it is incarnated by the sacred clown or fool, having a very important role in the community.

This figure in the Native American mythology represents the power of the psyche to subvert programs. It is of great importance for these cultures. It appears as different animals and persons. It’s a Shadow, a Creator and a Fool. Breaking the structures and questioning what a deity should be. The trickster is there to establish the counterpoint showing us that the mystery is much deeper than we think. By opposing the established it provokes creative friction.

In CAMINO CREATIVO this archetype is a main source of inspiration, and it is present throughout the whole journey, reminding us that whenever we get into crystallized forms, laws and patterns, we somehow die to our creative power and the essence of Here and Now.